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Friday Highlight-Emerald Twist

Today we want to highlight a long-time partner farm that has provided us with clean consistent cannabis material for years, Emerald Twist! Emerald Twist is the first Clean Green Certified recreational producer in the nation. They were also one of the very first farms we ever visited when we started this journey six years ago. What a twisty turny road it has been since then! But honestly, the current destination has been worth the trip. We couldn’t be happier about our relationship with this farm. They are one of the reasons we have been able to produce such high-quality pesticide-free RSO for all of you.

Proud to be the 1st Clean Green Certified recreational marijuana grower in the nation!

Because they have such high standards, Emerald Twist provides cannasuers of Washington and Oregon with Clean Green Certified, premium cannabis.  Their Washington marijuana is grown on a farm in beautiful Goldendale, WA.  Their Oregon cannabis is grown by farmers in Oregon who meet their high standards for quality and are committed to natural, eco-friendly growing practices.

At Emerald Twist, their passion is growing exceptional cannabis in an environmentally friendly way.   Conscientious pest control, proper curing methods, and careful handling. This is what ensures a clean and consistent product that can be enjoyed with total peace of mind.

The Clean Green Certification guarantees that this farm has passed the most stringent agricultural screening program available for cannabis. This program complies with standards that exceed the USDA program.  You can breathe easy knowing that no toxic chemicals are used in Emerald Twist’s products, not ever.

These sun-grown buds soak up all the goodness of the west coast sunshine while keeping the carbon footprint low. Natural soils and fertilizers give the plants what they need to thrive without the use of synthetic chemicals.  Micro-irrigation systems keep their water usage to a minimum with very little waste because we all know what a precious resource clean water is.

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