Skagit Organics Original Oils – The Best Representation Of The Whole Plant, Concentrated.

Arguably the healthiest way to consume cannabis, our oils have a full spectrum of cannabinoids including CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBD-v alongside THC and CBD. This unique oil is also rich in beneficial plant proteins, fats, waxes, and chlorophyll, and these medicinally valuable plant constituents can only be found in cannabis oils that are extracted using pure food-grade alcohol, which is our specialty.

The effectiveness of this Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), also known as RSO stems from the combination of these plant constituents and the cannabinoids in this whole plant extract, similar to the complex mix of micronutrients found in healthy whole foods. Unique among all oils for its dark color and earthy flavor this is the only DOH Compliant RSO on the market in Washington and the go-to for health-conscious cannabis users in the state.

Available with three different cannabinoid profiles – THC, CBD, and CBG dominant profiles, all containing some THC. Available in 1-gram, 3 x 1-gram, and 7 x 1-gram packages. Ask for us at your local retailer.


Distillate Refined

We create clean consistent cannabis products that continue to set the standard for food-grade extractions in Washington.

Created using only pure food-grade alcohol this oil has a higher cannabinoid content than our Original line of oils with less chlorophyll and plant constituents. This is achieved through fractional distillation, allowing the creation of this high-potency oil without the use of harsh chemicals, filter media, or acids. Our Platinum oil is one of the only RSO-derived distillates on the market. Enhanced with cannabis terpene profiles, this oil delivers a unique experience from strain to strain. Not only can you eat and cook with this oil, but you can also Dab or Vape our Platinum oil.

Available with two different cannabinoid profiles – high THC and a variety of CBD to THC ratios.

Skagit Organics products never contain synthetic cannabinoids, artificial flavors, thinning agents, or dyes.

Available in 1 Gram, 3 Gram, and 7 Gram Packs. Ask for us at your local retailer.


Honey Cones are what infused joints should be.  Sweet and potent with the best burn on the market, these cones never run.  We put our premium Bud Topper Platinum oil and super tasty kief on the OUTSIDE of the joint so you can see exactly what you are buying. No more hoping they put some shatter inside, you can see it and feel when you’re holding a Honey Cone by Skagit Organics.

Our Honey Nugs are out of this world.  So sweet and potent enough to satisfy the heaviest stoner out there. When you and six of your friends want to pass around an endless bowl grab one of our Honey Nugs and start your journey.  We have a rotating variety of flower strains for you to choose from, always covered in our flavorful Bud Topper Platinum oil and fresh kief for an experience like no other.

Honey Rocks will take you exactly where you want to go.  These little pebbles of Bud Topper Platinum oil and beautiful blond kief combine for an effect that will rock your world.  Drop one in a bowl, put it in your vaporizer, or turn on the stove, grab a set of knives, and take a trip down memory lane.


Skagit Organics has you covered from head to toe, inside and out.

CannStick – Real skincare made from all certified organic ingredients. Made with a base of mango butter and coconut oil infused with our THC and CBD distillate, available in three formulations for those that need these alternatives to alleviate many types of pain and skin issues. 500mg total cannabinoids with 250mg of CBD and 250mg of THC in each stick you can choose the one that is right for you. Ask for us at your favorite retailer.


Skagit Organics brings you flower products with that old-school feel.  

Got $5 on it? We’ve got you covered.  Grab a friend and pick up a Dime Bag, or pack the car with your crew and grab a Twenty Sack, Forty Sack, or Four-Twenty Sack. You will find some of the highest quality bud in the state inside our bags. We also roll the freshest joints in town. We have partnered with some amazing growers in the state to provide the flower that we bring to you.  We work with growers that are pushing the boundaries and improving on traditional methods to bring you some of the best flower in the state.

We source only the highest quality cannabis for our prepacked flower offerings.  We partner with a small group of farms to ensure only the highest quality cannabis reaches you. All our flower products are available in either a THC or CBD dominate strain.

THC Options:

    • CannaCone™

    • Dime Bag™

    • Twenty Sack™

    • Forty Sack™

    • Four-Twenty Sack™

CannaCones are the superior pre-rolled joint of Washington State.  Made with all the small buds not big enough to make the grade for our Dime Bags, Twenty Sacks, and Forty Sacks, these joint contain so much flavor you’ll never roll your own again.  Don’t make the mistake of buying joints made with trim and moldy weed, buy a CannaCone and you will know you have quality in your hands.

Scoop up a Dime Bag for the evening, or grab a couple of them and try out the variety of strains we offer.  With Day Tripper, Dutch Treat, and Blueberry Diesel in rotation you can’t go wrong with some classics.  We always have a few other strains rotate in and out as harvests come down so keep an eye out for new bags on the shelf.

Twenty Sack!  The ultimate throwback for anyone from the Northwest.  As always, Skagit Organics has made something great even better.  We lay out your buds across the bag just like back in the day, except our Twenty Sacks are a little fatter than they used to be.  Weighing in at a full TWO GRAMS of high quality cheeba you do not want to miss out on these.

The Forty Sack is Four Grams of premium indoor flower. When you know what you like this is the way to go. The Forty Sack is perfect for someone that wants to cut down on their trips to the store but wants their cannabis to be fresh by the time they get to the end of the bag.

The Four-Twenty Sack! Eight full grams of high-quality indoor-grown flower. The is the sack you want to show up to the party with. When you want to show up and show off the goods, it’s always the right time to burn one down with our Four-Twenty Sack.