Full Extract Cannabis Oils

We are one of the only companies in the state that makes a food grade cannabis oil. Because we only use organic food grade alcohol we are able to extract a wider range of cannabinoids and plant constituents than oils made with hydrocarbons or CO2, creating a more effective cannabis concentrate. This unique combination of plant matter and cannabinoids is referred to as “The Entourage Effect.” These oils contain a full cannabinoid profile alongside the beneficial plant compounds found in cannabis. So if you want the most effective cannabis oil on the market and you don’t like the idea of concentrates made with potentially toxic solvents, make the switch to Skagit Organics extracts, and you will never go back to those other oils.

Our full extract cannabis oils are available in THC or CBD dominant versions and come in three different styles…Original, Gold, and Platinum.  While Original is our most popular oil, look for our Original, Gold, and Platinum oils in retail stores all across the state. We promise you will find what you need with Skagit Organics.


Skagit Organics brings you flower products with that old school feel.  If you got $5 on it, we’ve got you covered.  Grab a friend and ask for a Dime Bag, or pack the car with your crew and head of town with our Twenty Sack or Forty Sack.  You will find some of the best flower in the state inside our bags.  We also roll the freshest joints in town.  We have partnered with some of the best farms in the state to provide the flower that we bring to you.  We work with farms that are pushing the boundaries and improving on traditional farming methods without using any chemical pesticides.  One of our partner farms has developed Space Weed, flash freezing fresh flower at the time of harvest to lock in the unique properties of uncured flower.  Other companies are growing in living soil, or curing flower twice as long as other growers to create incredible terpene profiles and incredible smoking experiences.  And all of our products are available in THC or CBD.


Our infused products start with premium flower from one of our partner farms, add the freshest blond kief and then drizzle on a generous amount of Bud Topper Gold.  Our Honey Cones never run because we put an even amount of oil on the outside of the joint so you don’t hit a glob of oil  and lose half the cone because of a massive flare up.  We also make Honey Nugs and Honey Rocks to put in your favorite glass piece.  And all of this sweetness comes in THC or CBD dominate combinations.


Body Budder ™

Coconut-based balm excellent for relieving those aches & pains. 1 to 1 CBD/THC combination for variety of skin, joint, or muscle issues. 100mg CBD & 100mg THC or 300mg CBD & 300mg THC.

CannaLotion ™

Lightly medicated hand cream with 100mg of THC in 2 fluid ounces. This whipped hand cream has a great texture and wonderful scent.

CannaSun™ & CannaCoat™

Made with non-nano zinc oxide & organic ingredi-ents. Available in summer or winter version.