The Leading Provider of DOH-Compliant Products And Patient Services In Washington State

Our entire line of products is DOH-compliant, including our award-winning Wild Mint Topical products.

Our ongoing dedication to the medical community is evident in the diverse range of DOH-compliant products we make, including flash-frozen flower, a skincare line, edibles, distillate tankers, and vape cartridges…all subjected to the elevated testing required to meet Department Of Health standards, and our work providing cannabis consultations and individualized orders to customers and patients is unmatched by any other company in Washington.

Our products are available for purchase in over 300 retail locations across the state and are available for purchase by everyone, not just patients. The elevated testing standards of the Department of Health show our products to be of superior quality and effectiveness. Learn more about DOH-compliant products here.


Our Award-winning Wild Mint Topical products are infused with our award-winning Original oils and blended with specific herbs, spices, and essential oils creating unique formulations for Relaxation, Recovery, and Rejuvenation. Try these high CBD skin care products today!