Our infused products are the best on the shelf!  Made with a combination of premium flower covered in our Gold oil and rolled in kief, you can be assured you are holding one of the most potent, flavorful products on the West Coast.  We offer three different infused products to make sure we have something for everyone.

Honey Cones are what infused joints should be.  Sweet and potent with the best burn on the market, these cones never run.  We put our premium Bud Topper Gold oil and super tasty kief on the OUTSIDE of the joint so you can see exactly what you are buying.  No more hoping they put some shatter inside, you can see it and feel when you’re holding a Honey Cone by Skagit Organics

Our Honey Nugs are out of this world.  So sweet and potent enough to satisfy the heaviest stoner out there.  When you and six of your friends want to pass around an endless bowl grab one of our sticky nugs and start your journey.  We have a rotating variety of strains for you to choose from, always covered in the tastiest Gold oil and fresh kief for an experience like no other.

Honey Rocks will take you exactly where you want to go.  These little pebbles of Bud Topper Gold oil and beautiful blond kief combine for an effect that will rock your world.  Drop one in a bowl, put it in your vaporizer, or turn on the stove, grab a set of knives, and take a trip down memory lane.