Skagit Organics Sets The Standard For Cannabis Companies.

We are an award-winning cannabis brand that stands out as a leader in the cannabis industry, demonstrated through our commitment to creating clean consistent cannabis products, our connection to the cannabis community, and our work to normalize cannabis through education, public engagement, and conscientious business practices. Our dedication to quality is showcased throughout our product line and proven by elevated testing standards that go beyond the state requirements, positioning us as the leading supplier of DOH-compliant cannabis products in Washington.

We have worked hard to earn the trust of medical cannabis patients and recreational consumers here in Washington and we continue to set the standard.

Skagit Organics was the first company to sell RSO in Washington’s recreational market. We believed it was important for the types of products medical cannabis patients needed to continue to be available as the medical market transitioned. We take the responsibility of making products used to treat medical conditions seriously leading us to be early adopters of the TESTED WITH CONFIDENCE program through Confidence Analytics, testing all of our products for pesticides years before the state required it.

We now go beyond even those standards and are one of only three companies in the state creating Department Of Health-compliant cannabis products. Our entire line of products is DOH-compliant, most notably our RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). We are the largest processor of RSO in Washington, a highly coveted full plant extract among patients, winning awards two years in a row for “Best RSO” and we are considered among the top RSO processors in the country. Our ongoing dedication to the medical community is evident in the diverse range of DOH-compliant products we make, including flash-frozen flower, a skincare line, edibles, distillate tankers, and vape cartridges…all subjected to the elevated testing required to meet Department Of Health standards. Our work providing cannabis consultations and individualized orders to customers and patients is unmatched by any other company in Washington.

Skagit Organics stays connected to the cannabis community and honors the activists who led the way by continuing the push for true legalization.
Skagit Organics actively engages in advocating for positive improvements to cannabis policy and true legalization, holding a leadership position within The Cannabis Alliance, Washington’s largest and most influential cannabis trade group. The Cannabis Alliance serves as an effective platform for cannabis licensees, consumers, patients, and cannabis advocates to suggest improvements and offer insights into rules and regulations that require modification. We consistently participate in meetings with regulators and lawmakers, leveraging our industry influence to champion proposed changes. Skagit Organics also dedicates time and effort to the goal of legalization and normalization by participating in the community through the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce, Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, cannabis industry events, and more!
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