Community Engagement

We believe in the positive power of cannabis and we believe in our community. Cannabis is still often viewed in a negative light, in large part due to the failed war on drugs. We believe cannabis will play a large roll in helping fix many of the problems our state and nation is facing. From the generation of new tax revenue to reducing mental health crises, cannabis will contribute to both.

That is why we take an active roll in our local town. We participate with our local chamber of commerce and through our involvement with Smoke Local. Smoke Local is a cannabis advocacy group that is focused on highlighting the positive contributions cannabis companies and the entire cannabis industry are making in their communities.

Skagit Organics is proud to help support those in our community facing food scarcity. Helping Hands Food Bank makes a positive difference for local families and our community as a whole. They bring over 2 million dollars of resources into Skagit County annually and distribute to those who need assistance. This assistance allows them to spend the money they do have on other needs supporting our local economy. Over 60% of their clients are either children or seniors and there is a sizable population of either physically or mentally disabled persons. Many are working, yet are unable to meet their family’s basic needs. Please consider a donation if you can or reach out to Helping hands if you are in need of a meal.

Donate to the Helping Hands  Volunteer in your community  Get food and assistance