Concentrates, Flower, Edibles, and Topical Products.

All The Best Brands, All From Skagit Organics.

One of the most popular cannabis companies in Washington State with the widest variety of recreational and medically-compliant products on the market including concentrates, flower, edibles, and topical products. Find out why our products are so good!

Medical Patient Infromation

Learn more about Department of Health-compliant (DOH-compliant) cannabis products, patient services, education, and what our certified medical cannabis consultants can do for you.


Our products aren’t just for patients. We have some of the highest quality and unique products on the market including Space Weed, OLA, Wild Mint, vape carts, and more! Find out why our products are SO Good!

Community Engagement

We have a unique opportunity to shape the cannabis industry as it develops. Come join us and The Cannabis Alliance as we guide our lawmakers and regulators.


We believe it is our responsibility to engage with our local community to help normalize cannabis and hemp. Find out what we are doing and how you can help. 

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