Medical Patient Infromation

DOH Compliant medical cannabis products and individualized patient consultations. Skagit Organics will help connect medical cannabis patients with the information products they need. Learn how to obtain your authorization, register as a patient, or find the products you need. 
In addition to creating Washington’s only DOH-compliant RSO, we also create high-quality pesticide-tested topical products, distillate, and infused products including our famous Honey Nugs and Rocks.


Community Engagement

Cannabis is still often viewed in a negative light, in large part due to the failed war on drugs. We believe cannabis will play a large role in helping fix many of the problems our state and nation are facing.
The cannabis industry is being created right before our eyes. We have a unique opportunity to show that businesses can make a profit and still act in an ethical and sustainable way. Be the change you want to see in the world.


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