Pioneers in organic food grade extractions, whole plant infused topicals, and home of the Twenty Sack

About Us

A small family business built on a foundation of integrity and quality

We began as a medical collective of growers, processors, and dispenseries providing quality products to people who truly needed them. We continue to work hard to ensure the products we make are safe and effective.

At Skagit Organics we are striving to be the premier processor of high quality flower and alcohol extracted cannabis oils in Washington State. We make all of our oils with organic food grade alcohol and never use butane or other toxic hydrocarbon solvents so you don't have to worry about impurities in your oil. Our process leaves a super clean oil with a more complete terpene profile for enhanced flavor and more distinct high. We source all of our product from local growers that never use pesticides and take great pride in the cannabis they grow.

We hope you love our products as much as we enjoy making them.

Our Products

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Chong’s Choice Vapors

Mr. Tommy Chong loves our concentrates and has personally put his stamp of approval on them! A partnership was born after he sampled our product and chose us to fill his line of high end pens & cartridges. Super high quality pens & cartridges-all glass & metal. Rechargeable battery with adjustable voltage.

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Our most refined oil, this distillate will please any connoisseur out there. Available in THC or CBD this oil delivers the effect you have been searching for. Available with or without terpenes.

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Our most refined and potent EHO. Skagit Organics is one of the only companies to make true EHO. Available in THC or CBD with an excellent terpene profile that provides exceptional flavor and a very distinct high.

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RSO and CBD Oils

Our unrefined concentrated oils contain all the components of the cannabis plant. Our Full Spectrum Whole Plant Extracts produce an entourage effect that delivers the relief you deserve.

Go to Flower and Joints

Flower and Joints

Our Flower and CannaCones are second to none. Grab a friend and put five on a Dime Bag, Twenty Sack, or CannaCone. When you choose Skagit Organics you have chosen wisely.

Go to Infused Flower and Joints

Infused Flower and Joints

We have your infused flower and pre-rolled joint needs covered – literally! Available in THC or CBD, our Honey Cones, Nugs, and Rocks will take you as far out as you want to go.

Go to Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis Topicals

We have created an incredible skin care line starting with real cannabis infused oil and using all organic ingredients. Our topicals feel and smell great without being overpowering.

Want to know where you can buy Skagit Organics' premium topicals, flower, extracts, and oils?

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