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Academy of Cannabis Science

In The Weeds Wednesday – Academy of Cannabis Science.

Cannabis Science

Have you ever wondered how to actually get into the weeds, as in work in the cannabis industry? If you have, then you will want to check out The Academy of Cannabis Science. As the cannabis industry officially became an industry education has proven to be much needed. Every level from the growers to the consumers, to the regulators to the lawmakers especially, and everyone in between.

Work in the Cannabis Industry. Let Us Help.

The Academy of Cannabis Science is helping people throughout the US and Canada prepare to work in the cannabis industry.

They have partnered with UNLV, Seattle Central College’s Cannabis Institute, Highline College, and Muckleshoot Tribal College.  The Academy provides top-quality coursework, faculty, and ease of use. All of their classes are online and can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. All coursework is legal to learn in all 50 US states and beyond. Through these universities, they are preparing people to work professionally in legal cannabis. They have a number of courses approved by the Washington Department of Health. These courses qualify as continuing education units (CEUs) for medical marijuana consultants.

With have trained physicians, pharmacists, healthcare workers, veterinarians, patients, their providers, and people simply seeking to get a foothold in the cannabis industry. Our welcoming canna-family of faculty, students and alumni are active in our vibrant live chat environment. What are you waiting for?

Be ready for change, be part of a community seeking to make people’s lives healthier and happier, be a part of history!

No application needed. Enroll today.

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