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Work Smarter, not harder

As Scrooge McDuck once said…“Work smarter, not harder.” We have taken this message to heart at Skagit Organics. To us, working smarter, not harder means creating a team of people that each excel at different things. It also means creating partnerships with other companies and organizations in the cannabis industry that excel at different things. By allowing people and companies to shine at the thing they do best, you increase the chance of success and decrease the workload. By recognizing where you or your company excel and, more importantly, where you do not, you create situations that are more likely to lead to success.

We realized early on that there was a lot of hard work to do in order to change some of the ridiculous laws and regulations that shape our industry. And the smart way to make these changes would be as a group. After two years of developing our company and our brand we starting looking for people and groups around us that felt the same way we did. In 2017 we attended a monthly meeting of The Cannabis Alliance and immediately saw the value in what this partnership could offer, not just for our company but for the entire industry. We joined as members after that first meeting and have become more involved with the organization ever year.

What does The Cannabis Alliance do best? They channel the collective energy of those people and companies in the cannabis industry and magnify their efforts into positive changes that would be impossible on our own. This group does so much work behind the scenes communicating with the WSLCB and state legislators providing accurate information to ensure the changes that are being made are in line with their dedication to the advancement of a vital, ethical, and sustainable cannabis industry.

They have also created a huge network for businesses to connect, improving their chances at succeeding. Skagit Organics has seen this first hand by making connections with new retail stores as well as growers that supply us with the incredible material we turn into the RSO you know and love. We have also had the opportunity to sponsor many incredible events that has allowed us to connect and educate so many budtenders and customers that handle the products we make. They have managed to keep these connections alive in the time of Covid as well with weekly happy hours, Trivia Nights, and virtual monthly meetings. The sense of community in these disconnected time has been invaluable in so many ways.

The strength of this group comes from the number and engagement of their members. The more members engaged with the issues that are important to them the faster we will see change. Starting March 10th, we will be helping The Cannabis Alliance recruit new members. There are several different levels of membership available for cannabis license holder, ancillary businesses like packaging companies, and individuals such as veterans, students, and budtenders. We are asking all interested parties to join us as members or to make a donation to the cause. The cannabis community is incredibly unique and we have a chance to change the way industry does business, but we need your help to make that happen. Please join us. We will see you at the top!

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