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An interview with Skagit Organics

Today’s Thursday Thoughts – An interview with Skagit Organics. AskGrowers is a great cannabis blog that is creating some great content of all things cannabis. They interviewed one of our owners a few months ago and that interview is now available on their website. We were happy to share our thoughts with them about a variety of topics. As always Skagit Organics is setting the standard for creating clean consistent cannabis products. If you want to see what we had to say please click the link below to read the full interview.

Tia : What is the ethos behind Skagit Organics’ marketing efforts, and what is the message that you want to convey?

Matthew : We are dedicated to creating medical quality products, to providing education and support for consumers, medical patients, and industry employees, while engaging with our community to help counter many of the negative perceptions people have about cannabis that was created in large part by misinformation and lies from the failed war on drugs.

Tia : What is the ultimate goal of Skagit Organics?

Matthew : Our goal is to be the premier processor of medicinal quality oils and a trusted provider of accurate, relevant, and current cannabis information and education.

Tia : Do you think customers should be looking for strains with super high THC levels or something more balanced?

Matthew : We believe customers should be looking for cannabis products that contain other minor cannabinoids specific to their needs. This is why education is so important and why we are one of the only companies with an on-staff Department of Health Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant whose main job is to provide information and education to individual customers, patients, and retail stores.

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