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The Skagit Organics Crew

We talk a lot about building strong relationships with other companies in and around the cannabis industry as being a key to success. One of the most important relationships we don’t talk much about involves the incredible people that work at Skagit Organics and truly make it what it is. Our company, and really the entire cannabis industry, has faced so many issues over the last seven years, above and beyond what most companies are forced to deal with. But one challenge that all businesses and business owners do have in common is that of finding reliable people to help bring their dreams and ideas into reality. We have been very fortunate in this regard here at Skagit Organics.

It is often said that it is a bad idea to mix friends, family, and business but we decided early on that this was a risk we were willing to take. We now employee a small group of seven individuals, most are longtime friends, and they all have distinct strengths that combine to create an incredible team where each person gets to excel at their chosen position. As this company was being built we made an effort to create a workplace culture different than most jobs. We provided an environment where the employees were able to shape and create their positions. Every single person knows what needs to be done and they work together every day to get the product you and love onto the shelf.

As the company grew and new things were asked of them, they came together naturally to create one of the most efficient packaging teams in the state. We have been in business for over six years and still have that same core group of friends helping us keep this dream alive. It has been incredible watching each person actively contribute to the creation of this company. And it has been an absolute joy to create a space and meaningful work for the people we know and love. The care and effort each individual puts into the creation and packaging of our products is recognized by every single person that has held a Skagit Organics product, and it is most certainly recognized by us. So to The Skagit Organics Crew – Thank you!

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