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Pesticide Tested

You may have noticed some new stickers on our products recently. You will start seeing these stickers on all of our new products from here on out. What do these stickers mean? They indicate that our oils are tested for pesticides and have been proven clean. Skagit Organics will now be the only company in Washington State to offer DOH certified RSO and CBD Oil and will be one of only four companies in the entire state offering products that are DOH compliant. Don’t believe unverified claims – look for the Pesticide Tested with Confidence and DOH General Use labels.

Pesticide testing and pesticide usage on cannabis are hot topics in Washington State right now. While the testing of pesticides is not currently required by law, at Skagit Organics we believe it is important to have these tests done. We have been testing material from our suppliers for a long time now but we decided to go above and beyond and we hope to set an example for other companies in the Washington cannabis industry. Moving forward every batch of our oil will be tested for pesticides before we release it to our customers. We have more and more people seeking out our products for medical reasons and we believe it is our responsibility to create clean, medicinal quality oils that live up to your expectations. When you see the Pesticide Tested with Confidence sticker or the General Use symbol for the Department of Health on our packaging you can rest easy knowing the products you purchase from Skagit Organics are clean and healthy.

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