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Remove the tax for medical cannabis patients

Great news is on the horizon for medical cannabis patients in Washington State. On Friday the state legislature took the first step in removing the 37.5% excise tax from Department of Health Certified medical cannabis products. It will need to proceed through the state House and onto the desk of our Governor where it will need to be signed before becoming law. There is an excellent chance this will happen, as this bill enjoys broad support from every side, and if it does, registered patients will have access to their medicine for a much better price starting in January of 2022. Hopefully, will begin to see more and more DOH-compliant products as well. Unfortunately, when Washington State rolled out recreational cannabis in 2012/2013 they basically destroyed the thriving medical market that existed and forgot to actually legalize the personal growing of cannabis at home for personal use. But I digress. As one of the leading makers of medicinal quality RSO in the state, we are excited about what this will mean for all the people that use our oils on a regular basis. There are so many things like that about our cannabis industry here that need to be fixed, and it takes a dedicated team of people, a lot of effort, and a lot of time to make these changes. We want to thank The Cannabis Alliance, John Kingsbury, and many others who wrote in their support, testified online, and made the push to get this change moving in the right direction. But there is still more to do so make sure you contact your local state Representative in the house and ask them to support this bill.

If you are interested in joining the medical cannabis registry please visit SMJ Consulting for more information. While there is not a huge variety of DOH-compliant products out there, in the meantime you can look for this sticker to ensure the product you are using has been tested for pesticides. Skagit Organics is one of the only companies in the state to pesticide test our oils and we were one of the first companies that chose to participate in the Tested with Confidence program. We look forward to providing for the medical cannabis community of Washington for years to come.

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