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Know your oils – RSO Original

RSO Original – Traditional hash oil

Click here to read about the history of RSO, how it got it’s name, and how it became so widely known. We have expanded on all the knowledge and work that was done before us and we believe we have taken RSO to the next level. In the past, this style of oil has been made using toxic, non-food grade solvents, but we have decided to use only organic food grade alcohol to make all of our oils. Because of this we are able to extract a wider range of cannabinoids and plant constituents than oils made with hydrocarbons or CO2. This also allows us to create a food grade concentrate unlike all the oils made using hydrocarbon solvents. The unique combination of plant matter and cannabinoids creates a more effective cannabis concentrate. While RSO Original is our most popular oil, we do offer three styles of RSO, both available in THC and CBD. Look for the Original, Gold, and Platinum oils in retail stores all across the state. And check back here when we explore the process for making RSO Gold! Whether you are looking for more traditional whole plant extracts or the highest quality CBD distillate, you will find what you want with Skagit Organics. Our unique oils contain a full cannabinoid profile combined with the beneficial constituents of the cannabis plant. While THC and CBD are the two best-known cannabinoids, our oils contain many different cannabinoids and compounds known as the “entourage effect”. This is what’s behind many of the wonderful results people report from consuming cannabis. So if you don’t like the idea of concentrates made with potentially toxic solvents, make the switch to Skagit Organics extracts, and you will never go back to those other oils.

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