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Medical Cannabis Discussion Join us Live!

On Wednesdays, we take an in-depth look at a specific topic involving cannabis. Today we have the honor of moderating a live discussion hosted by The Cannabis Alliance. For the 2021 Legislative Session The Cannabis Alliance will be hosting an ongoing series of speakers and discussion around our four key bills being introduced this session. This week we will be talking about the history of medical cannabis in Washington, the current state of affairs including cannabis legislation concerning the removal of excise tax for patients, and what companies in the industry can do to help connect people with the medical-grade products that are available.

For many patients securing DOH compliant – true medical grade product – is extremely complicated. When they are able to secure a consistent supply of medicine often the quantities they require are cost prohibitive. Our panel will discuss how removing the excise tax for patients on DOH compliant products will affect those who most need cannabis.

Please Join us! This is an exciting opportunity for us to lend our voice to the conversation. At Skagit Organics we have been dedicated since day one with creating medical cannabis products within the regulated market here in Washington. With the switch to a “recreational” industry in 2015 the medical system that was serving patients at the time has all but disappeared. We recognized there would continue to be a need for these types of products and focused our energies on serving this community by launching one of the first true RSO, or Full Extract Cannabis Oils within this new recreational framework. We operated for a full year without selling any actual flower, instead relying on the strength of our RSO and our connections from the medical days for success. Today we are proud to be the number one processor of RSO in Washington State.

We go above and beyond to offer unique services and products and we have earned our reputation as one of the premier providers of clean consistent cannabis products. As an early adopter of pesticide testing we have helped set the standard for clean concentrates in Washington. We have been proud participants in the Tested with Confidence pesticide testing program at Confidence Analytics since their inception. We have a full time Department of Health certified Medical Cannabis Consultant on-staff to assist individual patients. We provide custom blends of oils combining minor cannabinoids into custom oils for patients and we have begun to introduce hemp derived cannabinoids, specifically CBG, into the cannabis market. This hemp oil is extracted by our sister company Northwest Natural Care using the same methods as Skagit Organics.

Like all of our subjects in this webinar series we will be hosting a panel of experts in Remo with a Q&A portion of the panel, as well as a replay and separate Q&A in Zoom. Join us at the link below for the live Remo session today at 12pm or save the date

Link to the live Remo session, today at 12pm.

Add us to your calendar for the Zoom session March 31st.

Link to the March 31st Zoom Session

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