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New Product – CBG Original

The newest addition to our lineup of Washington’s preferred RSO – CBG Original! This CBG Oil is extracted from locally grown hemp that is dominate in the cannabinoid CBG. Hemp is currently known best for CBD but as is often the case with this plant there is more to it than one thing. Hemp and cannabis are closely related with so many similarities while having unique characteristics, such as their dominant cannabinoid. CBG is the newest of the cannabinoids being explored.

We believe that just like cannabis, quality grown hemp provides incredible medicinal benefits. Hemp has increased in popularity recently and we started a new company to experiment with the processing of hemp-based RSO. This led to the creation of our new hemp brand Northwest Natural Care. Northwest Natural Care extracts this CBG material using the same methods we pioneered at Skagit Organics. Skagit Organics imports this CBG oil and tests for potency, pesticides, and heavy metals making it one of the only DOH Certified products in Washington State. Combined with different ratios of THC and CBD Original all of these oils contain more than 20% CBG with a kick of THC or CBD. The test results for all three oils on in the photo gallery above.

CBG offers many potential medical benefits for intestinal or digestive issues as well as glaucoma. Beyond that, this cannabinoid is very uplifting making it a great oil for daytime use. Please visit our store locator to find all the retail stores that currently carry Skagit Organics products and ask about our CBG oils today!

The benefits that CBG are numerous widespread throughout many systems in the body. This cannabinoid is whats responsible for the giggles and the munchies…when that care-free feeling hits you CBG is to thank. This cannabinoid can calm the nervous system as well, helping people reduce seizures and manage their pain. Research has also shown the ability to promote bone and neuron growth while helping pressure and inflammation inside the body.

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