A great team working together can accomplish amazing things. This is true not just for the people that work for Skagit Organics, but for the other cannabis companies that we work with. We have worked hard to create an atmosphere within Skagit Organics that allows everybody to contribute in a meaningful ways. We choose to bring people onto our team because they share values and possess skills that can help our company succeed. When we choose to collaborate with other cannabis companies we look for similar things from the people operating those companies and we only work with companies that are growing clean cannabis and doing things a little different. Cannagenesis embodies this with their Space Weed…Fresh Frozen Flower. This is one of the most unique cannabis products on the market right now. They are the only company in Washington State to cure their flower like this and we lucky enough to help bring this flower to you. Look on the labels and of our Dime Bags, Twenty Sacks, Forty Sacks, and CannaCones for the words “Grown by Cannagenesis” and take a trip with one of their unique strains. You will be blown away by the smoothness of this products, as well as the vibrant color and huge buds! We have worked with Cannagenesis for several years now and look forward to teaming up with them in the future. Business is better with friends.

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