Twenty Sack

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The Twenty Sack is 2 grams of premium flower. One of the most sought after products in Washington, loved by customers and store owners alike.


1 review for Twenty Sack

  1. 1 out of 5


    I have been using 20 sack CBD by Skagit Organics for 3 days. It has been an awful experience. Encountering a heart racing feeling despite a resting heart rate of 70bpm. I do not have a heart condition. I feel exceptionally stressed and have 0 appetite. This strain is 2:1 CBD to THC. There’s very little information on this strain. I found a site for understanding strains (Leafly). This particular Skagit 20 Sack CBD strain is unkown. This is my experience and hope it helps someone. I am headed out to buy a sativa for day and indica for night. Each will be of known documented strains.

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      I just saw this message, sorry for the late response. Do you remember what strain it was? It would have been listed on the barcode on the back as well as a sticker on the front of the package. Sorry to hear you did not have a pleasant experience.

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