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We have created an incredible skin care line using all organic ingredients with no preservatives or fillers. Our topicals feel and smell great without being overpowering yet still effective.


Product Description

CannaLotion is a lightly medicated whipped hand cream with a great texture and wonderful feel.

Body Budder is a coconut-based balm excellent for relieving those aches and pains without leaving an oily residue. Available in THC or a THC/CBD combination for people dealing with nerve type pain or symptoms.

CannaStick and Lip Balm are great for chapped lips and to protect against the sun or wind burn… because winter is coming.

All our body products are infused with THC, and our Body Budder is available with a high CBD concentration as well. We hope you enjoy these products as much as we enjoyed making them. Thank you for trying our products, your business is valued.

4 reviews for Cannabis Topicals

  1. 2 out of 5


    Very good website – bookmarked

  2. 5 out of 5


    We, (…. my wife, adult daughter, and I,….) have been using Cannabis Topicals by Skagit Organics for some time now, and are true “FANS”.
    We have a small farm, and love working with the soils, plants, and variable weather on a daily basis. This lifestyle, however, can cause aches and painful problems associated with muscles, joints and skin.
    We discovered Skagit Organics Cannabis Topicals a few months ago, and have found them to be one of the best remedies at the end of a our busy days. We find these topicals to be a soothing and relaxing treatment for bumps and bruises, and routinely use them when getting ready for bed.
    By our evaluation, they relax the muscles, relieve the aches and pains, and treat the skin to a soothing and smoothing treatment.
    Thank You Skagit Organics. Keep up the good work

  3. 5 out of 5


    Was recommended: Used you lip balm and have to say they are smooth and not crack this winter has been hard and i have to say my lips were not looking or feeling great and when crack would bleed and hurt … the lip balm is very soothing and moisturizes very well. thank you

    • :

      So happy you like it. I love our topical products, they work so well during our NW winter weather. Thank you for choosing us!

  4. 5 out of 5


    SKAGIT ORGANICS CBD BODY BUDDER IS A GODSEND! It should be noted that Linda Crawford, a wife, mom, grandmother and identical twin sister (special designation), did not take illegal drugs her entire life. While investigating the cannabis business and the history of cannabis, she began to learn the cannabis plant had far more uses than getting high. In fact, she found there was no need to get high at all to experience pain relief from cannabis. Linda soon found relief from arthritis in her hands, wrists, neck, and back using Skagit Organics CBD Body Budder. She told everyone she knew about the discovery of Skagit Organics CBD Body Budder. Then a surprise diagnosis… Linda had Triple Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer, likely stage II. A 9 out of 9 as an aggressive cancer, Linda started on the most dose dense chemotherapy available BUT WITH SKAGIT ORGANICS CBD BODY BUDDER. Cancer Patients! Get into that warm snuggly shower with your non-toxic creams and body washes and enjoy! Pat dry and cover your body from the top of your bald head to the bottom or your beautiful feet with “Skagit Organics CBD Body Budder.” Yes, it smells like marijuana! Embrace it! It starts out with the coconut oil, beeswax, and vitamin E slip-sliding on your skin, but within minutes it disappears into your skin. It is fabulous for your scalp, your face, you name the body part it and it can go there. Feel free to rub it all over the area of your port. Most especially, put it on your ears, your hands, and the bottoms of your feet as these areas actually communicate to your entire body. If you have a friend, have them rub it all over your back for you. This is a great time when loved ones can lovingly touch you and care for you as they assist with a gentle back massage of CBD body budder. We are too often isolated from touch when going through chemo-therapy. Once again, you cannot get high on this product. You will begin feeling aches and pains disappear within minutes. You can always spritz on some favorite perfume or use some essential oil to take the smell down quickly. You can put on any lotion you wish over the top of Skagit Organics Body Budder for even more moisturizing. THAT’S IT! You are ready for the day! You are not high and you should experience a lot of pain relief.

    Linda Crawford has been researching and writing about the era of legal cannabis in Washington State since July of 2016. She initially became interested in the industry as a possible personal business prospect. Having successfully owned a large Home Building and Land Development business, she began researching the industry of cannabis interviewing growers/producers, processors, retail owners, investors, lawyers, workers, users, marketing people, equipment providers, packaging establishments. During this odyssey, Linda has stood among 30,000 square foot marijuana grows, visited top processors of edibles and concentrates and topicals, and met with legends in the business, made great friends and most importantly learned to respect every person in the legal cannabis industry. Linda was looking for her niche in this fledgling industry. It seems the role found her as she gives out her common-sense advice regarding cannabis and the human experience. Use Skagit Organics CBD Body Budder for pain relief without the high.

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