Skagit Organics Oils Vape Cartridges

Full Extract Cannabis Oils

Our unique oils contain a full cannabinoid profile combined with the beneficial constituents of the cannabis plant. Because we use only organic food grade alcohol to make all of our oils, we are able to extract a wide range of cannabinoids and plant constituents that assist the THC and CBD in providing the benefits you are looking for.  While THC and CBD are the two best-known cannabinoids, these oils contain many different cannabinoids and compounds creating what is known as the entourage effect.  This is what’s behind many of the wonderful results people report from consuming cannabis.  So if you don’t like the idea of concentrates made with potentially toxic solvents, make the switch to Skagit Organics extracts, and you will never go back to those other oils.


We offer three styles of oil across our entire line up, available in THC and CBD.  Look for our Original, Gold, and Platinum oils in retail stores all across the state.  Whether you are looking for more traditional whole plant extracts or the highest quality CBD distillate,  you will find what you want with Skagit Organics.


RSO Original™

A traditional whole plant extract.  Containing a significant amount of chlorophyl and other plant constituents and with a full cannabinoid profile, this oil is activated for  full effect.


RSO Gold™

A refined full extract cannabis oil, this honey oil delivers a unique experience.  Our oils are THE alternative to hydrocarbon extracts.


RSO Platinum™

Our high quality distillate is made from our Gold full extract cannabis oils creating one of the only RSO derived distillates on the market.  Enhanced with cannabis terpene profiles for unique and enjoyable experience.



CBD Original™

Our CBD Oils are extracted from consumable cannabis and do contain varying amounts of THC.  This full extract cbd oil is full of beneficial plant constituents and delivers the results you are looking for.


CBD Gold™


CBD Platinum™

Activated Oils

Activated oils are an excellent alternative to over priced oils our Bud Topper is a great way to supercharge your joints or bowls.

Bud Topper Original™

This is a classic full spectrum cannabis oil containing THC with small amounts of CBD, CBG, and CBN cannabinoids. We have processed this oil in a manner that converts the THCA into readily available THC.

Bud Topper gold™

Full of naturally occurring cannabis terpenes and THC, this oil has awe-some flavor and a distinct high not found in other oils.


Bud Topper Platinum™

This top tier distillate is loaded with THC and enhanced with cannabis terpene profiles to provide a superior concen-trate experience.

Vape Cartridges

We use the highest quality refillable glass cartridges that work on any type of 510 battery. Our Gear Tech cartridges provide a low temp burn so you can experience the full flavor of your oil.


Skagit Organics Vape Cartridge RSO Gold +21 Recreational Cannabis

RSO Gold™

This golden oil is THE alternative to butane or CO2 oils. Loaded with the natural terpenes from the cannabis plant you won’t find a more authen-tic flavor or cleaner burning oil.

Skagit Organics Vape Cartridge RSO Platinum +21 Recreational Cannabis

RSO Platinum™

This distillate is made
from full extract cannabis oil. With specific cannabis terpene profiles added back into the oil you will taste the difference.


HONEY Oil Platinum™

Infused with Honey this distillate is made from full extract cannabis oil. With specific cannabis terpene profiles added back into the oil you will taste the difference.


Skagit Organics CBD Gold Vape Cartridge +21 Recreational Cannabis

CBD Gold™

This high CBD Oil tastes fantastic and gives you immediate relief. Full of naturally occurring terpenes this unique oil is a must-have.

Skagit Organics CBD Platinum Vape Cartridge +21 Recreational Cannabis

CBD Platinum™

Our highest quality extract that we produce, heavy terps while providing a true CBD experience.