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Know your products – Vapor Cartridges

There has been a lot of news recently around concerns of vapor cartridges causing health problems. Rest assured that if you purchase our vapor cartridges you do not have to worry. We receive regular test results from the factory that makes our cartridges and we have tested these cartridges ourselves with labs here in Washington. We also DO NOT ADD ANYTHING TO OUR OIL. Many companies will add glycerin or some other food grade thinning agents to their cannabis oils. This is what creates the big thick clouds of vapor most people associate with vaping. It will also increase their profits as the thinning agent is less expensive than the oil. Again, Skagit Organics does not use a thinning agent of any kind.

The reason vapor cartridges has been in the news has to do with thinning agents that are not meant to be ingested or vaporized. It appears from recent reporting that many vapor cartridges in the illicit market and many E-juices are being cut with Vitamin E. This is used widely in skin care products and when used topically has wonderful benefits. However, when it is vaporized it appears to be causing the health problems we are hearing about. It seems that the vitamin E will vaporize with the e-juice and then turns back to an oil once it has been inhaled and cooled in the lungs. This coating seems to reduce the ability of the lungs to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide basically suffocating a person.

All of our products are tested thinning agents, residual solvents, and pesticides. This is one of the major benefits of purchasing a vapor product from a licensed cannabis company, like Skagit Organics, with a reputation for providing clean, effective, and consistent cannabis products. There is no need to take the change on illegal cannabis products that have not been tested just to save a few dollars. Please make your purchases wisely and choose Skagit Organics.

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