We only use the highest quality cannabis in our prepacked flower offerings.

Dime Bag ™

Twenty Sack ™

Skagic Organic Twenty Bag

2g | THC Flower

Forty Sack™

4g | THC Flower


Dime Bag™ (CBD)

Skagit Organic Dime Bag CBD

1g | Flower CBD

Twenty Sack™ (CBD)

Skagic Organic Twenty Bag

2g | Flower CBD


Our pre-rolled joints are made from the most premium of flower, available in THC and CBD.


Skagit Organics Pre-Rolls

1g | THC Flower

CannaCone (CBD)™

Skagit Organics CBD Pre-Roll

1g | Flower CBD


Our infused products start with a premium flower which we cover in Bud Topper Gold and rolled in kief, available in THC and CBD.

Honey Nugs™

Top Shelf Nugs Coated in THC Oil.

Top Shelf Nugs coated in THC Oil.

Honey Rocks™

Available In THC & CBD

Pebbles of  THC Oil mixed with Kief.

Honey Cone™

1g Pre-Roll coated in THC Oil and rolled in THC Kief.

Honey Dabs™ Platinum

Skagit Organics PLatinum Honey dab

Platinum Oil Honey Dab