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Friday Highlight – Walden Cannabis

Farm Partnerships

We always like to brag about the great companies we partner with. Today we want to highlight our partnership with Walden Cannabis. These farm partnerships are so important and this one evolved naturally over the course of a few months. We first met the CEO of Walden Cannabis at a Cannabis Alliance event and started the conversation about working together. Our companies kept running into each other making deliveries and at industry events. Now we are using their material to create the pesticide-free RSO and distillate oils you know and love.

We were excited to work with this Walden for a number of reasons. Most importantly they are Clean Green certified so we were confident they would be able to pass all the pesticide testing we require of all the farm partnerships we enter into. But they also have a great reputation among the people we already knew in the industry including budtenders and consumers. They also endeavor to use their company to give back to the community which we also believe is important.


Walden Cannabis grew from an eccentric group of climbers, backpackers, and yogis, who appreciated how well cannabis paired with nature. When complemented by a walk in the forest, a bonfire with friends, or a wild skinny-dip in the ocean, cannabis can deepen and enrich our connection with our planet, our brethren, and ourselves. A love of the outdoors is at the heart of this company. So when they founded Walden, they knew sungrown was the only option. They are working hard to motivate the rest of the cannabis industry to prioritize long-term sustainability over short-term profits, and they continue to invest in ecologically responsible agricultural and processing practices. For the wonderful people at Walden, a love of our planet demands that they participate in the fight to save it.


Sungrown cannabis is some of the best cannabis out there. We are so happy to turn this incredible material into the RSO and distillate oils you have come to love from Skagit Organics. Sungrown cannabis is so unique. The natural sunlight allows the plant to produce a rich cannabinoid profile in the flower. We are able to capture that in our oils. Because of this, we are able to create such wonderfully complex oils that are really a microcosm of the whole plant. That allows the healing potential of cannabis to be fully expressed. We thank them for putting the care and attention into growing their cannabis so we can continue creating truly effective medicinal quality concentrates for people that need them.


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