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Friday Highlight – Rogue Raven

So this is not the farm highlight we want to be writing. Rogue Raven Farms suffered a massive fire recently. Thankfully no one was hurt but their employees are out of work without a moments notice and the have lost their business. We are asking for your help! We know many people are struggling but if you are able to offer assistance in anyway please do. Here is a link to a GoFund Me pages dedicated to their employees. If you own a business in the area and can offer part time work I am sure that would be welcomed as well. If you know any of the people that worked their please lend some emotional support as well. Please share this far and wide…

When we started out six years ago our industry was just over a year old. As we traveled the state visiting retail stores and getting the word out about our Skagit Organics we got to see what other brands the stores were buying. One company we saw over and over was Rogue Raven Farms. We attended a lot of cannabis conventions and events during that time as well and had the pleasure of meeting some of their crew early on. We would cross paths often at these events and always enjoyed running into them. We have had nothing but positive interactions with them and they enjoyed a great reputation across the state as a brand and a company.

Rogue Raven has also given back to the community over the years and we respect that. They teamed up with Buddy Boy Farms from Ford and one of our favorite stores, Floyd’s Cannabis in Sedro Woolley to raise money for Helping Hands Food Bank right here in Skagit Valley. The two companies got together and donated a sweet Harley as the grand prize in a charity raffle. They spent a year hauling this bike from event to event raffling off tickets for a chance to ride off into the sunset, and all the proceeds were donated to the food bank. Cannabis is all about community and this type of giving is a great example of the positive impact our industry can have. And now they need our assistance.

Please help in any way you can. We hope the business will be able to rebuild but in the meantime their employees and business owners still have bills to pay.

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