These next products will ensure you and your friends are well taken care of.  Skagit Organics infused products start with premium flower which we cover in Bud Topper Gold Oil and rolled in kief, available in THC and CBD.  Try all three but be careful.  Each one is more potent than the last!


Skagit Organics Honey Nugs Recreational CannabisSkagit Organics Honey Nugs


Top Shelf nugs coated in our Gold Oil and rolled in our quality Keif.  If you are looking for the bowl that will burn forever you have found it!  This bowl will impress the most diehard stoner and all their friends as it gets passed around and back again.  And if you want to try something a little different these are available in a high CBD/THC combination as well.

Skagit Organic Honey Rocks


Honey Rocks are a next level combination of our Gold oil combined with high quality Keif to create this intense treat.  The little oil bombs will liven up any gathering.  Put one in a joint for a nice surprise or add to your Shatter cartridge to change things up.  Available in a high CBD/THC version as well.

Skagit Organics Honey Cone Recreational Cannabis CBD THC KIEF OIL Honey


Our infused joints out perform all the others and burn consistently every time.  Most joints are infused with a “flavorless” distillate.  We add our tasty Gold Oil and fresh Kief and put it all on the outside of the joint so you know that you are getting the real deal.  Just like every other Skagit Organics product.  Also available in a high CBD/THC ratio for those looking for something different.