We use only the highest quality cannabis in our pre-packaged flower products.  We provide consistent, clean, and tasty cannabis just the way it was meant to be.  If you grew up smoking weed when did, you’ll will remember these names.  Take a step into the past and when you walk in the door and ask for a Dime Bag, Twenty Sack, or Forty Sack.  Just like back in the day but bigger and better!


Dime Bag ™

1g | THC Flower $10.00 out the door everybody knows they all they have to do is grab a friend and put 5 on it!  Grab this gram of indoor flower and a good friend, then go sit in the woods and blaze on the pipe like the good ‘ol days. 

Twenty Sack ™

Skagic Organic Twenty Bag

2g | THC Flower $20.00 out the door for TWO grams?!?  Unheard of back in the day.  These Twenty Sacks are sealed so nobody can pinch a bud and they are filled with clean top shelf cannabis.  Get the bong out and take down some personal bowls or grab the crew and circle up.

Forty Sack™

4g | THC Flower $40.00 out the door for a full FOUR grams you can roll into the spot and light up with everybody.  The Forty Sack lets the room know you came to smoke some herb!


Dime Bag™ (CBD)

Skagit Organic Dime Bag CBD

1g | CBD Flower $10.00 out the door.  Back in the day you never could be sure of the strain you were buying.  Now you know.  And when you want CBD flower you want to be sure it is the real deal.  With Skagit Organics, you know.

Twenty Sack™ (CBD)

Skagic Organic Twenty Bag

2g | CBD Flower $20.00 out the door.  When you find the strain that works well for you grab our CBD Twenty Sack.  With Skagit Organics you can smoke easy knowing we provide clean and consistent cannabis.


Pre-rolled joints made from small buds that were not big enough to make the cut for our Dime Bags, Twenty Sacks, and Forty Sacks.


Skagit Organics Pre-Rolls

1g | THC Flower.  Ground and pre-rolled for a consistent burn every time.

CannaCone (CBD)™

Skagit Organics CBD Pre-Roll

1g | Flower CBD.  Ground and pre-rolled for a consistent burn every time.