Bud Topper is a unique line of smoking oils made using only organic food grade alcohol.  This alternative to oil made with potentially harmful hydrocarbons is the best way to spike a bowl of your favorite strain.  Add our Original to a joint, coat a nug with our Gold to make your own Honey Nugs, or straight dab our Bud Topper Platinum for hit right to the dome.


Skagit Organic Bud Topper OG
This is a classic full spectrum cannabis oil containing THC with small amounts of CBD, CBG, and CBN cannabinoids. We have processed this oil in a manner that converts the THCA into readily available THC.


Skagit Organic Bud Topper Gold Oil

Full of naturally occurring cannabis terpenes and THC, this oil has an awesome flavor and a distinct high not found in other oils.  Made with only organic food grade alcohol our oils are completely free of any potentially toxic hydrocarbon solvents.


Skagit Organics Bud Topper Platinum

Bud Topper Platinum is a top tier distillate is loaded with THC and enhanced with cannabis terpene profiles to provide an excellent concentrate experience.  Made from a full extract cannabis oil you can be sure you are using a superior oil.